About Us

The new definition of elegance is sustainable. In the current state of the world, jewelry that is a product of the abuse of our planet and our people is in no way elegant. We want to provide sustainability--and thus elegance--to a new generation of jewelry lovers by bringing together some of the most creative and ethical jewelry out there today.

Above all, we want to provide an accessible option for good people to find good jewelry.

Our jewelry comes from a variety of sustainable, ethical sources. We support local craftswomen from Malawi to Delhi, and are always looking for ways we can aide communities in need through our boutique. If you have any questions about where any of our pieces are from, don't hesitate to reach out and ask!

Women in Delhi make jewelry from sustainable materials to help support their families.Jewelers in northern Malawi celebrate outside the store after making sustainable pieces 

(Pictured above: artisans during and after crafting process with our partners in Delhi and Malawi.)